Meléndez & Bonilla has been a leader in Costa Rican legal counsel for over 15 years, offering a diverse set of services from corporation formation to tax litigation with proficient, expert care. The forum of trademark and intellectual property rights is no different as Meléndez & Bonilla can bring a confident, local, knowledgeable voice to your trademark and copyright proceedings.

This site will help you not only understand the process to getting a trademark approved in Costa Rica, but will also put you on the path toward actually getting your sensitive intellectual property trademarked and protected. The goal is to provide the background information on trademarks in Costa Rica as well as the means, through Meléndez & Bonilla, to accomplish your business needs.

Throughout this web site, we will discuss just what copyright and trademark law entails, offering you background on the types of services Meléndez & Bonilla can offer to you to protect your intellectual property creations. We have serviced countless customers helping them to protect their rights within Costa Rica and we would like to bring that level of experience to you and your creations.