What Is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property is a term that is used to encompass the various ways that ideas and thoughts are expressed. Images, written works, ideas, methods and other products of the mind are included in intellectual property. In Costa Rica and elsewhere around the world, special protection is offered for those types of products, ensuring that your brilliant ideas are not later copied for profit by some outside party.

At Meléndez & Bonilla, we offer assistance in protecting all types of intellectual property and have specific expertise in trademark and copyright assistance. Just as anywhere else in the world, Costa Rica has its own set of laws and regulations governing trademark and copyright protection. With over 15 years spent in Costa Rican law, Meléndez & Bonilla has helped countless clients protect their intellectual property in the democratic, tropical paradise, helping those clients sleep easy with their life’s work protected.

When you are bringing your important business dealings to Costa Rica, it is important to have a confident, local voice on your side. Meléndez & Bonilla offers you just that, taking care of the legal dealings surrounding your business transactions, including any intellectual property rights you need to secure. Join the many that have trusted Meléndez & Bonilla and contact us today to get started on the road to ensuring a safe, smooth business presence in beautiful Costa Rica.