What Is A Trademark?

A trademark is a way for a business to identify its unique pieces of intellectual property, ensuring that they are able to do business with the names, logos, designs and other components they create without obstruction for other parties. When trying to carve out a market niche in any country, including Costa Rica, trademarks are invaluable to maintaining a strong, consistent identity.

No matter what type of business you are trying to cover with trademark protection, Meléndez & Bonilla can help make sure that your hard-earned reputation follows you throughout your business dealings in Costa Rica, giving you an advantage for building an early customer base in the tropical, democratic paradise that Costa Rica is.

If the need ever arises for you to proactively protect your trademark by confronting those that have stolen your images and ideas, Meléndez & Bonilla is more than able to pursue those infringing upon your rights and bring the situation to a beneficial solution. Don’t let your work go unprotected, contact Meléndez & Bonilla today to ensure your business has the freedom to cultivate a thriving presence in Costa Rica.